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Auto Loan for a Single Woman

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Being a woman is quite difficult most especially if you are a single mother who is single because of divorce or the demise of her husband. As a single mother who is divorced or widowed owning a car is of great importance because you might need to get mobile, do school runs and attend to other important events. Read More…

Secure an Auto Loan Easier with an Energy Efficient Car

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Auto loans are very difficult to secure or get approval for. The difficulty or challenges that are associated with securing an auto loan depends greatly on the kind or type of car that you intend to buy with the auto loan that you intend taking. For instance, most lenders might be tight-fisted and hold back a little if they are aware of the fact that you intend buying a luxury car with auto loan that you are applying for. Read More…

No Credit Auto Loan – Readily Accessible

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

A no credit auto loan is a kind of auto loan that you can apply for without presenting the lender with your credit report or without having your credit report checked by the lender. No credit auto loans are very common theses day. They are readily available, easily accessible, and very easy to secure and gain approval. Read More…

Are Online Auto Loan Companies Scams?

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

When many people go out searching for an auto loan they often try to avoid searching online. Now here I’m talking about people who think that if they fill out a form online someone will steal their identity. The truth is that the majority of online auto loan companies are not insecure and they are not scams. When you compare the majority of online businesses that offer auto loan to their offline counterparts it’s not hard to see that both companies are adhering to standards i.e. security and privacy standards. Read More…

Three Steps to Finding a Good Auto Loan

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Auto loan companies are a dime a dozen and it seems as though every company is trying to do something to stand out. The good news for consumers is that the auto loan market is highly competitive and if they know how to go about getting the right auto loan nothing can stand in their way. In this article I will discuss a three step method to finding a good auto loan. Read More…

Disadvantages of Auto Loans with Zero Percent Financing

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Interest rates are one thing which almost every borrower hates to pay. In cases like these, if one comes to know about a company which is giving auto loans with zero percent rates, then almost everyone would love to get the car that that company gives. However, one might wonder as to why a company is providing the loan with zero percent rates as the interest is how they earn their profits. There are several disadvantages (which can occur) when one goes for auto loans with no interest and these are mentioned below:

One of the major disadvantages is that the company might provide only one or two models of their cars on zero percent financing. If this car isn’t liked by the borrower, then he/she would have to go for the car which is financed with interest.

Usually, the loan term in zero percent financing is too short. One can easily calculate the amount he/she would have to pay in three years whereas the same amount (plus interest) can be easily spanned out in a time of six years.

In cases of zero interest rates, there are chances that the dealer might not agree for negotiating on the car price. There is a certain percentage of profit for manufacturer and the dealer and many people try to negotiate the price so that they can buy a car for less. If the dealer doesn’t agree on negotiations, then it is best to go for some other offer. If one still wishes to finance the car, then it is best to get it done from some other dealer/lender.

Why Lenders Give Auto Loans to Imperfect Creditors

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

In today’s age and time, vehicle is no more a thing of the luxury. It has become more of a requirement which allows its owner to commute with ease. However, this comfort still comes with a price and there are many individuals who cannot afford to pay it altogether. For their convenience, there are auto loans which provide them the finances to buy the automobile. These can be paid in monthly installments over a span of few years. Read More…

Getting Auto Loans for the First Time

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

A personal automobile is one of the greatest comforts one can have. Whether it is for doing small daily tasks (shopping or going to office) or planning a trip to a nearby city, a personal vehicle can comfortably assist in everything. There are auto loans for individuals who wish to have their own cars but there are a number of people who haven’t had the chance to build their credit history. There are lenders who might consider giving these people finances a risk as these borrowers haven’t had any experience of paying payments. However, there are several lending companies who specifically deal with first timers and give them the auto loans. Read More…

Getting Auto Loan Despite Bankruptcy History

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

If an individual has faced any sort of bankruptcy in his/her past, then it would have certainly been filed in the credit report and demolished one’s score also. When applying for an auto loan, this issue can make it very difficult for an individual to get one, however these can never stop one from getting car finance. Moreover, one should also consider going for an auto loan to improve their credit rating. There are things which have to be considered for getting a loan after bankruptcy. A potential borrower should check his/her credit report after bankruptcy to confirm the financial position and whether he/she has the ability to make future payments. Read More…

Why Borrowers Should Refinance their Auto Loan

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

An auto loan is very beneficial as it presents the opportunity to individuals to buy their individual car and don’t rely on the public transport facilities to commute from one place to another. But, there are very less people who have any knowledge on how the auto financing industry really works. This low knowledge has led to a number of repossession cases where the borrower didn’t have any idea that he/she would have to pay such amount on monthly payments. This has happened to a lot of first timers who were very enthusiastic to buy their own car but didn’t have the finances to carry out the procedure. Read More…