Outside the Box Car Buying Tips

The goal of this article on car buying tips is to present you with some helpful information that perhaps you have overlooked in preparation now that you are ready to buy a new or used car. Most people have never actually experienced a car buying experience where they actually felt like they were fully prepared.

Since you have already decided to read this article it’s clear that you may have not enjoyed buying a car in the past. Well hopefully we are going to change that!

1. Do Not Get Distracted:

You need to be able to focus on everything that’s going on from the negotiations of the price to financing for a new or used car loan. Buying a car can be a very frustrating, stressful experience if you aren’t paying attention and the result is that it could cost you thousands of dollars. Never bring children to a car dealership. Most of them don’t have proper facilities for your kids to be entertained while mom and dad are spending thousands of dollars.

Let your office know that you should only be called in the event of an emergency. Cell phones should either be turned off or silenced. Buying a car is the second most important purchase of your life, treat it as such.

2. Don’t Go Hungry:

It may sound silly but think about it. You can’t concentrate on what’s going on if you are hungry. There have actually been scientific studies showing that hunger can affect your thinking and cloud your judgment. To buy a new or used car takes time. You are not going to do it in an hour unless you want to get killed on the price. It may take close to an hour when you are waiting to discuss the financing for your auto loan. The best time to go is just after you eat a nice lunch. You won’t feel the pressure or stress that you have in the past.

3. Be Nice to the Receptionist:

Everyone knows that has ever worked at a car dealership that the receptionist knows everything about the dealership. She knows who you don’t want to work with for sure. Be pleasant when you call, honey gets more bees than vinegar. The receptionist doesn’t get paid on commission so be nice and simply ask: “I know that you know who will be fair and honest with me and I don’t like being pressured into anything. If your mom were going to buy a car from your dealership, who would you want to help her in making the right decision to buy a car?” You will find the receptionist to be very helpful so remember ask nicely!

4. Allow Enough Time to Complete the Process:

Who do you know that bought a car in an hour or less and still felt like they got the best deal? Now if you happen to be in the small .05 of the population, then you are fine because you don’t care what you spend on a new or used car and you shouldn’t be reading this anyway.

If you are like the rest of us then you should plan to have the entire day available to make absolutely sure you are getting the best deal. I know quite a few people who didn’t properly prepare themselves and had to leave in the middle of the car deal only to return later or the next day and found that the car the really wanted was already gone. The dealer won’t hold the car unless you are willing to put down a substantial deposit sometimes non-refundable. Giving the dealers credit for this because there are many times when customers ask them to hold the car and they never return or call the dealer so the dealer asking for a deposit is reasonable in this case.

5. Take a Real Test Drive

Most dealers insist that your sales person accompany you on your demo ride. This is supposed to be the time when they make sure you understand all the features found in your new car. If they had presented the automobile to your properly, they should have done what’s known in the industry as a “walk around”. Typically they will start at a specific area of the exterior of the car and show you all the exterior features including opening up the hood. Then they should get you inside the car or truck and show you what all the buttons and gadgets do. The actual test drive is to make sure you understand how everything works.

When you return with the sales person just let them know you want to drive the car without them. It’s not usually a problem but you will need to provide them with a valid driver license as well as full coverage insurance. In the unlikely event you are involved in an accident the majority of auto insurance companies cover this type of accident. Tell them it may be several hours before you return and don’t forget to leave them your cell just in case.

When you are without the sales person make sure you check out all the electronics including the radio, satellite radio, navigation system and it’s very important that you also turn off all items that may make a noise. You may find some weird noise that could indicate potential problems. Drive the car or truck home, if you have a garage make sure it fits. Some of the larger SUVs don’t fit into standard size garage. That’s something you surely want to know. Don’t be afraid to ask family or friends for their advice.

In no event should you ever buy a new or used car without taking the time you need to fully understand because it’s a huge purchase and expense.

6. Let the Internet Be Your Friend

The Internet can save you thousands of dollars on your new or used car purchase. It can also help you get pre-approved for a new auto loan or used car loan especially if you have bad credit, bankruptcy or a low credit score. If you want to buy a new car and credit isn’t an issue you can use some free services on the web such as Edmunds or Kelly Blue Book to find out exactly what the dealer paid for the car. Be realistic as you know the dealer is going to make a profit on you. If you are better informed about the car buying process, you can get a great deal.

Most dealers now have an Internet Department, why is that important to you? The people in the Internet Department are not commissioned employees so you are most likely to get the best price from them. In fact if you have good credit, you should always ask the receptionist to put you to the Internet Department. When you do meet them ask if they will be helping you through the entire car buying process or will there be another salesperson involved. If they are the only one then you are in luck, they are on salary and are interested only in you buying a car and not the commission for selling it.

7. Financing for Your Auto Loan

First you should know that two thirds of the population doesn’t have perfect credit. There are so many auto finance programs on the web for auto loans or bad credit car loans that you will have a great chance to still get a new or used car loan with a great low rate. The auto loan lenders specialize in bad credit auto loans; low rate used car loan financing and even car loans after bankruptcy. You can apply with a free online auto loan application in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office. No longer do you have to spend hours finding the perfect car only to get shot down when it comes to the financing. Not only that but you have wasted a lot of time when you could have been pre-approved before you ever left home. Some car loan programs offer no down payment while others may require a small down payment. Each situation is looked at individually. You should always know your credit score before you apply for any auto loan. You can actually get a free credit report easily online. The online auto loan programs have a high approval rate and offer multiple options for financing your new or used car.

8. Enjoy the Car Buying Experience

Now you are fully armed with a lot of information that most people don’t know or haven’t thought of when it comes to buying a new or used car. Most of this information your local car dealer wishes you didn’t have because they could make more money off you. The old days of the car sales people are long gone now. Most of them are well informed and if you follow the suggestions we have outlined above about finding the right sales person, you can and should enjoy this experience. It used to be more of a game but now the Internet has allowed everyone to be better informed and understand the proper way to buy a new or used car.

So have fun, save some money and find your dream car!!!

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