Problems with a First Time Auto Loan

A few years ago, people would have never even considered going for an auto loan without a credit score or any credit record. Lenders wish to see some documents which showcase the fact that their possible client has the discipline and financial management skills with which he/she can pay back the loan at time. However, none of this can be provided in a first time auto loan as the credit score is nil. But, the rise in competition has made it easier for people to get approved for the finances with a low credit score.

Even with the leniency, the first time applicants still face a lot of issues. As aforementioned, the major concern is the lack of credit history. Due to this, most of the applicants get a cosigner as the lender needs a person who has a good record of making payments and agrees to make the installment in case the applicant defaults. If there isn’t a cosigner, then the lender wouldn’t take the applicant seriously. Some lenders provide the finances at a higher interest rate so that they can get the chance to buy the car and build their credit record. However, the high interest rate means that they have to pay thousands of dollars more over the course of the loan term. Some lenders charge this high to make money off someone else’s need while some charge it high so that they can earn back their finances quickly. In the latter cases, the lenders show quite leniency and even reduce the interest rate once they have recovered a major chunk of their investment. This keeps them in the good books of their clientele and they get to enjoy regular paying client.

Hence, the problems are there but if by browsing, a good lender can be found and applied to then chances are that the first time auto loan experience could be quite good for the applicant.


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