Punishments For Late Bad Credit Auto Loan Installments

It is said that borrowing a bad credit auto loan is as much risk as lending it. Stating simply, lenders of bad credit auto loan facilities have to face a lot of risky situations because of the fact that the applicant has a history of financial misdemeanor. It can be just bad luck but still the history speaks for itself on the credit score. On the borrower’s hand, the interest charged to facilitate the proceedings of the loan is so high that it can make the monthly installments quite difficult. This means that the applicant would have to cut back from his/her lifestyle during the loan term to ensure that the fee is paid on time.

However, there are number of times when the applicant faces a lot of personal and professional pressure and making the payment on time could be difficult. If the lender is informed regarding the proceedings, then chances are that he/she would allow skip of the payments. But, if he/she remains uninformed or stubborn regarding the payments, then the default could occur. As it is an offense, there is a punishment for it too. The severity can vary according to the lender and the time during which it has occurred. If it happens in the first year or firs few months then the applicant could be warned or fined a little for the first time.

However, if the late payments or default continues, then the lender could higher the interest rate on the loan. It is done to ensure that most of the money is made before the borrower throws up his/her hands and says that he/she couldn’t pay more money. However, if the things don’t improve then he/she could file litigation with the court which can result in heavy penalty, repossession and a massive hit to the credit score of the borrower.


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