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How to Switch Off Bad Auto Loan Temptations

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

People are bombarded with more advertisements from auto loan companies than they ever were before, the prime reason being that the number of companies dealing in auto loan has skyrocketed over the past five years. However the sheer increase in the number of companies does not mean that everyone is offering the best deal in town. Some of the most expensive advertisements are by car dealerships which try to somehow project an image that getting an auto loan from them is the easiest thing in the world when it is really not. Read More…

Is Looking For An Auto Loan In Your Area A Good Idea?

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

When most people are in the market for an auto loan they don’t know which places are offering up the best deals. Many people are just happy doing business with car dealerships and banks both of which offer some of the most expensive auto loans in America. This is why many people end up with an auto loan they later have a tough time paying back. Read More…

Are Online Auto Loan Companies Scams?

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

When many people go out searching for an auto loan they often try to avoid searching online. Now here I’m talking about people who think that if they fill out a form online someone will steal their identity. The truth is that the majority of online auto loan companies are not insecure and they are not scams. When you compare the majority of online businesses that offer auto loan to their offline counterparts it’s not hard to see that both companies are adhering to standards i.e. security and privacy standards. Read More…