The Five Options for Financing Auto Loans:

When applying for auto loan, there are various options; from getting the loan directly from the dealer to finding a lender who suits your needs online. Below are five different options; weigh your options and make a decision for yourself.

From the Dealer:

This is one of the popular ways for getting auto loan; contacting the dealer who wants to sell the car to you. The positive of this option is that it is possible to have a 0% financing at your own favorable terms. Although what one needs to understand is that generally many of us do not qualify for the financing of this kind and a lot of us end up paying higher interest amounts.

Online Lenders:

Finding online auto loan is one option that is getting popular. This method is one of the most popular, secure and easiest way to get your auto loan; also it provides maximum control. Once your finance is approved online, the company then provides you with a blank check which you would take to your dealer; you have more chances of negotiating as you would be buying the car on cash payment.

Neighborhood Banker:

Although in the present economy situation this might not be a good option but as we all have savings accounts with a bank right across the street, we must not forget even these banks provide loans. If you have a contact at the loan department of the bank, do try this option as they give charge low rate of interest.

Credit Unions:

Most of the time credit unions provide the cheapest auto loan. They pass the savings to their members as they have low cost of the fund. These unions charge a very small fee for you to be a part of it, so find a union around your area.

Buy Here Pay Here:

The buy here pay here dealer is the costliest way to get auto loan. These dealers make you pay a huge down payment and then ask for payments to be made weekly or in some cases bi-weekly. The interest rates are very high.